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Are Black Cardinal Philodendron Rare?

3 beautiful rare philodendron black cardinal with deep dark red color
Black cardinal philodendron burgundy

I’ve been on the lookout for beautiful burgundy and red colored philodendrons recently. I felt like it is not common to find these plants around homes and gardens, so I decided to find out just how uncommon this plant is. How rare are black cardinal philodendrons?

Black cardinal philodendron grow all around the world, but are hard to find naturally.

It is starting to become a more commonly grown philodendron as it has some of the most beautiful leaves that come in any range from dark green to a more Choco color.

This plant is found in homes and gardens of people with a sharp keen eye for beauty and luxury. They are hard to find since they prefer frost-free climates with damp conditions. This got me thinking, what is really the most uncommon and expensive philodendron.

What is the rarest philodendron?

The rarest philodendron is the variegated Monstera Adansonii. This wonderful plant is very hard to find and it is also the most expensive philodendron that’s commonly bought. It will easily cost up to $400 for a young plant on Etsy .

The rarest and most expensive philodendron is the monstera adansonii

An even more pressing issue is what is the most beautiful philodendron? The prettiest philodendron is pink princess philodendron. Thankfully, this plant will cost you an arm and a leg. You can buy a starter plant for $40 on eBay. Or you could spend an extra $60 and get a fully rooted mature plant.

The prettiest philodendron pink princess
Pink Princess Philodendron

Is there a chocolate cardinal philodendron?

The black cardinal philodendron is usually a dark green to a burgundy color, but can be found as fully chocolate out in nature. The philodendron has to be very mature for it to turn fully Choco, so it is hard to manage to get it fully chocolate color at home. You need to take utmost care of it, and it helps if you have a larger pot than usual.

There are also other philodendrons to consider if you need a choco/orange aesthetic

The McColley’s Finale will produce leaves in a chocolate color, but it can also make orange leaves. Either way, the plant is majestic nonetheless.

For the most part you will have to start off with the black cardinal being a green to dark green color before you get the dark purple color.

McColleys Finale plants that are orange and chocolate
McColley’s Finale

Will black cardinal philodendron turn burgundy or red?

Philodendron black cardinal will turn burgundy with time. To turn it red, you will need to keep it outdoors in a warm climate. When it grows in natural conditions, it will eventually turn a nice dark purple color with some red leaves. 

Burgundy and red black cardinal philodendrons

You should place it on a nice bright spot with indirect sunlight  for optimal results according to Plant Circle. These conditions can be met indoors of course. In a cold country you have got to have a greenhouse. The plant does not like freezing conditions.

Plants are really a gamble sometimes. Or that is at least what it feels like sometimes, but it doesn’t have to feel that way. You can find great blogs and guides on keeping black cardinal philodendrons.