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Cream Splash vs Silver Stripe – 6 Differences

About the two plants

The Cream splash and the Silver Stripe are the most synonymous philodendrons. A lot of Cream Splash philodendrons sold are actually just Silver Stripe philodendrons. It makes sense most people get these two philodendrons confused, as they are almost identical. Both are heart-shaped Hederaceum Scandens with cream variegations.

The Differences Summary

There are only a few differences between these two plants. Both are sport cultivars of the Brasil Philodendron. The Cream Splash grows a very irregular variegation pattern compared to the Silver Stripe. You will find darker leaves on Silver Stripe compared to Cream Splash. Another big difference is that the Silver Stripe will grow a silver variegation color. Cream Splash grows a light green instead of this silver color.

Are they the same plant?

These two philodendrons are not the same plant but share most characteristics. You need to hold them next to each other to clearly see the differences. On Instagram, many have mislabeled their philodendron with the wrong name. On Etsy, many gardeners also mislabel these plants.


The leaves are the only way to differentiate these two plants. There are slight differences in the variegations and the color of the leaves. Sometimes a leaf or two will look like the other plant’s leaves. The natural green the leaves have is darker on the Silver Stripe. The difference is very minor, and it is hard to spot.

Can you spot the difference?

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Color Difference on Cream Splash vs Silver Stripe

The Cream Splash has Green, light green, cream, and Lime yellow colors.

The Silver Stripe has Dark green, Silver, Cream, and light green colors.

The best way to see the difference is by comparing the first variegation color and the last variegation color.

The Silver Stripe grows a silver color before the Cream. The Cream Splash will not grow a silver color. It will grow a light green color. Sometimes it is hard to tell the difference between the light green and the silver color. On occasion, a leaf on the cream splash will grow a light green that almost looks like silver. Keep in mind that if most grow light green, and only a leaf or two is silver, then it is a Cream Splash.

Next is the last variegation color. The Cream Splash grows a lime yellow color. Sometimes this color is plain yellow. On the other hand, the Silver Stripe will never grow a yellow color. Most of the time, this color will be green/ light green.

Growth pattern difference:

Another big tell is the growth pattern of the variegation. The Silver Stripe has a more consistent variegation pattern. All their leaves will be variegated as a stripe in the middle of the leaves.

The Cream Splash has a more random variegation pattern. Most leaves will grow variegation in the middle, but most plants will also have leaves that are completely irregular. The Cream and lime yellow variegations can spread towards half of or the entire leaf.

If you are still not sure, you might wanna check out our comparison on the Cream Splash and Brasil Philodendron.


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