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Philodendron Cream Splash vs Brasil 9 Big Differences

Cream splash vs brasil philodendron comparison and differences

Cream Splash vs Brasil – Biggest Differences

These two Scandens philodendrons are very similar. The biggest difference is their variegations and leaves. Cream Splash will grow 4 colors on its leaves. Green, light green, cream, and lime yellow. Philodendron Brasil gets a beautiful bright yellow variegation on its leaves. Cream Splash leaves are smaller vs Brasil philodendron’s leaves.

Cream Splash and Brasil are part of the Hederacuem Scandens family. They likely have a recent common ancestor. Cream Splash grows beautiful and vibrant variegations with 4 colors. Most importantly, it gets a cream color in its variegation. 

Brasil is a natural cultivar from Brazil. It grows with 3 colors. It gets a beautiful bright yellow color on mature variegated leaves. It is a distinctly wonderful yellow color that you don’t find anywhere else.

Both are very popular in Indonesia, The Philippines, and the United States.

Differences At A Glance

Cream SplashBrasil Philodendron
Botanical Scientific NameNo official name. Goes by Philodendron “Cream SplashPhilodendron “scandens oxycardium cultivar Brasil
Variegation ColorsGreen, Light Green, Cream Color and Lime YellowDark Green, Light Green and Bright Yellow
Leaf ShapeHeart-Shaped like Scandens, but more slenderHeart-Shaped. More round than Cream Splash
OriginA cultivar of Hederaceum Philodendron from the Caribbean and South AmericaHolambra, Brazil
Price $$$15 if you are luckyUnder 10$ without postage
Chance of Variegation80% on average90% on average. Many have 100% variegated leaves.
Beauty10/10 Absolutely stunning10/10 Very Stunning

Are they the same plant?

Cream Splash and Brasil are not the same plants. They often get sold under each other’s names because sellers don’t know the difference. It takes a few minutes to be able to see the differences.

How are the leaves different?

The biggest difference between these plants is the leaves. Philodendron Cream Splash has different colors compared to Brasil. The shape of the leaves is also a big tell. Mature Cream Splash leaves are sharper and more slender. It takes a good look to differentiate the difference in shapes. They are extremely similar. Mature Brasil leaves are more rounded comparatively.

Brasil likes to grow big leaves, whilst Cream Splash philodendron wants to grow a large number of leaves. It is easiest to tell if you have the plants side by side. Cream Splash is denser than Brasil. They like to grow their leaves in a compact pattern.

Height Difference

Both Brasil and Cream splash are trailing philodendron. The can also climb if you have a moss pole in the middle. Both can grow to 3 feet tall with a climbing pole. Most indoor gardeners will grow them as vining plants instead of climbing.

Growing Pattern

They have extremely similar growth patterns. Both plants are trailing philodendrons. They look like twin sisters, where one of them has gotten a hair dye.

Instagram will load in the frontend.

Stem Comparison

Brasil is leggier and gets more aerial roots.

The difference between the stems is minimal. We have noted two key differences. Philodendron Brasil will grow longer stems faster. This means Brasil will often be more leggy compared to the compact Cream Splash. This varies with humidity. Brasil plants in high humidity will be less leggy and more full.

Brasil grows more viscous aerial roots than Cream Splash.

Color Difference and Variegations

A huge difference is the variegation in the leaves. The Cream Splash grows 4 different colors on its leaves: Green, light green, cream, and lime yellow

Brasil on the other hand grows 3 colors on its leaves: Dark green, light green, and yellow.

The colors in the variegations are the biggest tell between the two plants. If you are unsure which plant you have, simply look for the cream color. The Brasil philodendron will never grow a cream color. Sometimes the yellow will get bleached and look like cream.

Another way to differentiate is the yellow color. The Cream Splash will grow a lime-colored yellow. The Brasil will grow a very distinct yellow. This yellow will appear on mature Brasil philodendrons.

Another difference is the growth pattern of the variegation. The Cream Splash has a weird growth pattern. It is almost as if someone splashed paint onto the leaf. The variegation on Brasil looks more natural and smooth.


Both philodendrons flower in the exact same way. It is not often you will find a Cream Splash or Brasil flowering. When the plants are mature, they produce a nice green spathe with a soft white spadix.

Heat and Humidity 

They are identical as well in regards to heat and humidity. Keep the temperature between 65-85 Fahrenheit. Never decrease temperatures to under 55 degrees. Cold temperatures can permanently damage their leaves.

Keep humidity above 60%. Higher humidity allows for bigger leaves. Humidity makes variegations better on the Brasil. It does not seem to make a difference on the Cream Splash philodendron.

Light Requirements

Keep light bright and indirect. Excessive sunlight can scorch the leaves. Variegated parts are more sensitive to light, and might get scorched. Place the Cream Splash and Brasil in a north or east-facing window for perfect lighting conditions. 

The morning sun is great for these types of philodendrons. Mid-day and evening sun is very damaging to philodendrons, especially sensitive kinds.

Origin – Cream Splash vs Brasil

Both philodendrons come from the tropical South American jungles. Their respective paths are quite different.

Brasil Origin

The botanical scientific name is Philodendron Scandens Oxycardium. It is a cultivar of an unnamed Scadens philodendron. It was first discovered in Holambra, Brazil. It was cultivated to enhance its variegations in controlled environments in Holambra and Sebring, Florida. Brasil is a genetic freak.

Cream Splash Origin

The origins of the Cream Splash philodendron are not officially defined. They came from a natural mutation of either Brasil philodendron or Gabby.

Philodendrons Gabby, Brasil, and Silver Stripe are often sold as Cream Splash. It is believed it got its debut as a variation of Gabby. Cream Splash made its round around the internet around 2009, where it has now spread to window sills all over the world.

Watch this video going over the characteristics of Cream Splash and its close relatives.


They have the same fertilizing needs. Apply a regular liquid fertilizer once a month during summer and spring. You can also repot with worm castings to avoid fertilizing. If you use liquid fertilizer, apply every 3 months in winter and fall.

Brasil and Cream Splash Toxicity

Do not consume philodendrons. They contain oxalate in their leaves, When ingested oxalates can combine with calcium and make crystals. Too many oxalates can cause oxalosis, which will damage organs.

Your tongue and mouth will swell, and you might experience stool problems. Try to keep Cream Splash and Brasil away from toddlers and hungry dogs.

Are they Climbing Varieties?

Both are climbers. Indoor growers often use them as trailing/vining philodendron. 

Fortunately, both philodendrons will grow aerial roots. A simple moss pole is enough for these roots to attach.

Which is more prone to leaf damage

Brasil is very resilient to leaf damage. On the other hand, Cream Splash is prone to injury. We are not sure why. My guess is that the cream Splash has experienced too many gene mutations throughout the year. But do not worry. Leaf damage is probably 1 out of 20. Most leaves will live their natural life cycle just fine. Just make sure to keep the leaves away from strong sunlight.

Similarities Summary

FloweringBoth will not flower often. When blooming, a green spathe with white spadix grows.
ClimbingBoth are climbing philodendrons
Trailing/ViningBoth are typically grown as trailing philodendron
Heat and HumidityKeep temperatures between 65 and 85 degrees. Higher humidity is better.
Philodendron GenusBoth are from the Hederaceum Scandens genus

Where to buy them?

These types of philodendrons are affordable. Climbing philodendrons with plenty of aerial roots are easy to propagate. Brasil and Cream Splash have been cultivated to be easy to propagate.

The Cream Splash is very affordable. You can find prime variegations for $15 on Etsy.

You can find Brasil for under $10 on Etsy.

Philodendron Cream Splash vs Brasil – Which is easiest to grow

Both are very easy to grow in your home. Brasil philodendron is slightly easier to grow. It has a lower chance of leaf damage, and it is easier to propagate.

Price is often a reflection of how hard they are to grow. Brasil goes for under $10.

Brasil gets a 10/10
Cream Splash Philodendron gets a 9.5/10
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