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How Long Does It Take For Aloe Vera To Grow?

How long does it take to grow aloe vera
Time to grow Aloe Vera

As a huge succulent enthusiast, I’ve already had a lot of experience growing Aloe Vera. It is the most popularly grown succulent around the world for its amazing health benefits. It can practically be used for anything – as it is a magical plant. So I came to wonder how long it actually takes to grow an Aloe Vera to a decent size

How long does it take for Aloe Vera to grow?

It takes 4 years to grow Aloe Vera to its maturity. The leaves grow to 10 inches long when mature. The succulent grows slower than most other plants. Aloe plants can start growing pups and offshoots as young as 1 year old. Older mature Aloe Vera grow more pups.

How can I make Aloe Vera grow faster?

  • Pot size
  • Soil mix
  • Drainage
  • Watering
  • Overfeeding
  • Bugs and pests
  • Fertilizer
  • Grow lights
  • Not stressing the succulent
How to make aloe vera grow faster
Make Aloe Vera grow faster

Aloe Vera Pot size

It is important that you get the right pot for Aloe Vera. Smaller pots are better for Aloe Vera because Succulents are sensitive to excess water. Too much water will often cause root rot and death to the plant. Get a smaller pot to avoid overwatering. Aloe Vera is very tolerant to underwatering, but will die easily from overwatering. 

The pot size should be less than half an inch bigger in radius from the root ball. When roots are fully grown you should move it to a bigger pot.

Aloe Soil mix

Aloe Vera and succulents prefer a soil mix with good draining. Do not use regular dirt or gardening soil. The optimal mix is ⅓ perlite, ⅓ of coarse sand and ⅓ potting soil. The sand has to very coarse. Use a rough pot for better drainage.

Lava rock and other soils with high aeration will work well.

Overfeeding Aloe

Aloe Vera grew historically in dry conditions. They adapted to poor nutrient soils. Overfeeding your Aloe Vera will cause them to die. You can use dried and grinded up compost to feed your Aloe plant. Make sure any compost is dried, or they will rot the roots.

Use a fertilizer every few months. Apply a liquid fertilizer, and do not overdo it. Every few months is sufficient.

Use banana peels to supplement potassium.

Use Eggshells to supplement calcium.

Use Coffee ground to deter bugs and supplement phosphorus.

Egg shells, banana peels and coffee ground for Aloe Vera
Egg shells, banana peels and coffee ground for Aloe Vera

Bugs, pests and insects

Bugs and insects don’t pose a big threat to Aloe Vera. Coffee grounds repel and deter most bugs. Lightly coating the top-soil with some coffee grounds could save your plant from disasters.

Grow lights

You do not need grow lights to grow your Aloe Vera plant to maturity. Growth light are good for periods without light. With light, your plant can grow all year round. All you actually need is placing the plant near a window with plenty of sunlight. Aloe Vera is famous for resisting bad conditions, and flourishing despite the limitations.

Not stressing the Aloe Vera plant

Aloe Vera plants respond very well to neglect. An easy way to discourage fast growth and outshoots is overstressing the succulent with various alternative methods. From experience, my Aloe plants respond well when left alone. Remember negligence is part of plant care.

Do Aloe leaves grow back?

Aloe leaves that have been cut and pruned will not grow back. The succulent will focus its energy on producing new baby leaves to replace the cut leaf. Do not be afraid of removing leaves. Aloe plants are resilient, and will continue to grow even after harvesting leaves

Aloe vera leaves

How much sun Does aloe need?

Make sure to place your Aloe Vera in a window that get a minimum of six hors of sunlight every day. Aloe Vera likes bright lights, but direct sunlight can dry the plant out. For optimal year round growth, use artificial light 16 hours per day, especially for indoor Aloe. You will need to water the plant more often if placed in direct sunlight every day, and the fresh leaves can turn yellow. Aloe does not like excessive temperature.

Why is my Aloe not growing?

These are the usual reasons for your Aloe Vera succulent growing too slow.

  • Too much shade
  • Excessive much sunlight
  • Too much moisture
  • Bad season – Winter
  • Too large pot
  • You bought overstressed plant

If Aloe Vera gets too little sunlight, the growth will slow to a halt. Too much shade is a big problem, but paradoxically too much sunlight will also slow down growth. Aloe is a summer dormant Succulent that grows most in the fall and spring. Severe much sunlight and heat will cause Aloe Vera to conserve water and slow growth.

If you use a large pot for your Aloe Vera, the plant will focus energy on expanding its roots instead of its leaves. This is an evolutionary reason, but we want large leaves, not large root balls. So use a smaller pot.

If growth is slow from the purchasing date, the reason could easily be overstressing. Plants are often not cared for optimally from vendors. They will not have proper lighting and will overwater succulents.

How long does it take for Aloe Vera to grow outdoors

Aloe Vera is big enough for harvest at 8 months from planting. Aloe Vera will grow faster outdoors. It takes 1 year to reach maturity. This succulent will continue to grow for a long time. They grow up to 2 feet tall and 2 feet wide. The plant is perennial throughout many USDA hardness zones. From zone 9 to 11, the succulent will be an everlasting perennial.

If you are growing your own Aloe, I suggest you read our article on storing Aloe Vera.

What to do with Aloe Vera flower

The flowering Aloe Vera plant is not an issue. The flower stalk should be cut from the base of the stem. The flower will steal energy and nutrients from the plant. Cut it off to encourage leaf growth.

Aloe Vera Flowers
Aloe Vera Flowering

Your Aloe plant will not die from flowering. For instance, Firstly focus on pruning brown and yellow leaves. Cut away anything that looks like it could carry disease or attract bugs. If you do not cut the flower’s stem, it will  naturally dry out and the plant will grow as normal. However, the flower bloom will happen for 2-3 months and only once per year.  They will most appear on plants that are 3-5 years old.

The smell is usual and unpleasant. The flower bloom will attract bees to pollinate. Highly smelly Aloe Vera has amazing healing properties that can heal and soothe skin. Flowers are typically orange or yellow.


How long does it take for Aloe Vera to grow?

  • It takes 3-4 years for Aloe Vera to grow fully mature in indoor climates
  • Use smaller pots to encourage growth
  • Aloe will often grow faster outdoors
  • Do not mess with the plant too much. 
  • Do not overfeed
  • Focus on soil mix and pots with good drainage