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Why does Aloe Vera turn Pink?

The aloe vera plant is the most popular succulent on the market. The benefits of aloe vera are huge. Aloe is soothing on sunburns and a great moisturizer on psoriasis.

So it is important to be able to diagnose and fix your Aloe vera to get a nice gel. So why does aloe vera turn pink?

before after turn aloe vera pink

Why does aloe vera turn pink?

Aloe turning pink is very common. But why does aloe vera turn pink? There are four reasons why your Aloe Vera is turning pink. Too much sun or too high temperatures will turn aloe pink. A bad overwintering or nutrient level can also turn aloe pink.

Sunlight and sunburnt leaf are the most common reason

You might not have known aloe vera could get sunburned, but it can. A pale or pink color will appear on the aloe vera plant leaves. The whole plant can turn a very pink color. As long as the plant hasn’t become too overcooked, it can still live!

infographic on why aloe is turning pink

Swinging temperatures cause discoloration

Both too much heat and too much cold will color the aloe leaves. Keep the Aloe vera away from hot rooms. An Aloe in your window in the middle of summer can cook the plant. your overcooked Aloe can turn pale, red, or pink. Luckily there is an easy fix for overcooked aloe, assuming it’s still alive.

overcooked dried aloe vera. it ahs turned pink because too much sun
Overcooked – sunburned aloe vera with many dead leaves! Water aloe that is planted in sun often!!

Winter and overwintering

Too cold temperatures can heavy discoloration and death for aloe vera. Make sure it is not too cold for the plant. The funny thing is that most winter damage comes from the keeper and not the environment. People are prone to overwatering Aloe during the winter, which will kill and rot it.

When it is winter, you should not interfere a lot with the plant. keep it at normal temperature and water it less often.

Here’s a great video on common reasons for unhealthy pink Aloe Vera

Nutrients and essential deficiencies

Succulents need many nutrients. Aloe vera is a vera resilient succulent. Deficiency will cause discoloration, misformation, and death to your aloe plant.

Nitrogen and ammonium nitrate

Without nitrogen, the plant will lose some of its green colors. Aloe will turn pale and yellow. High amounts of ammonium nitrate caused aloe barbadensis leaf juice to soothe better. It performs better medically with better minerals. It also grows faster with nitrite.

Phosphorus density internally

If the underside of the aloe vera plant is pink or bronze, your plant lacks phosphorus. Phosphorus is an important building block for protein creation and seed germination.

Potassium Deficiency

A lack of potassium is hard to treat. You need to use some sort of water softener. The soil and plant roots have gotten too much calcium, sodium, and other salts. Once your calcium and sodium levels are better, you can add come potassium fertilizer.

Iron and magnesium deficiency

A lack can and will cause leaf tip dieback. The tip of leaves will turn pink and start to die slow. Add iron to fix this issue.

How to care for pink organic aloe vera properly?

First, identify the reason your plant is turning pink. Most likely sun damage. Could also be nutrient levels. The way to rescue a pink aloe vera plant is to treat it like sunburn.

How to heal a sunburned aloe plant

You treat a sunburnt aloe plant like a human sunburn. Except you cant rub Aloe on the Aloe to fix the sunburn.

Here are the steps to fix pink sun damage.

  • Remove the plant from direct sunlight.
  • do not cut the leaves that might live!
  • Give the plant a good amount of wate
  • Let the plant get plenty of shade
  • Make sure room is not too hot.

Your plant will bounce back in a week this way.

How a sunburn will turn it pink

Aloe vera will turn pink because of anthocyanin. This is the breakdown product from chloroform. It has a powerful antioxidant and photoprotection effect. It works like melanin for human skin. We have melanin that protects from the sun depending on how much there is.

Remember succulents are super strong plants. They have developed in the worst conditions on earth. You can definitely save an overstressed plant. Sunburn is a form of overstressing the plant.

A bad aloe vera might cause things and skin irritations when applied. This is unusual, as pink aloe vera is still potent. The potency is often better. Pink herb gels with more anti-oxidants are generally better.

What does a pink aloe vera look like

aloe vera sunburnt from too much sun too little water
sunburnt aloe vera

If your aloe vera is damaged, check our article on how long it takes for aloe vera to grow back

aloe vera turnt green again after water and shade
Pink aloe vera turned green again

Pink aloe vera gel?

Your pink aloe vera has pink gel because of anthocyanin. Most pink aloe gel is not because of this. Aloe gel will turn pink when exposed to oxygen. Aloe juice with low antioxidants will oxidize quickly and turn pink or red. Drinking aloe vera is still good if it is pink. It will still help cholesterol or irritable bowel.

Is it bad to have a pink aloe plant?

It is not bad to have a pink aloe vera plant. It is completely normal for overstressed plants. As long as it is not the whole plant. If the whole plant is pink, then you should remove it from sunlight and heat. Give it some time to rest, and remember to give it plenty of water.

Some people even turn their aloe vera pink and red on purpose. It is more beautiful and novel to have colored aloe vera. This is risky behavior. Aloe vera rarely dies from overstressing of pink sunlight. The plants have evolved outdoors in warm conditions for thousands of years.

How to make aloe vera change color | like red or brown

To turn your aloe vera red or brown, place it in sunlight. Give the plant iron to its roots. oxidized iron turns red. Expose your aloe vera plant to excessive heat for longer periods.

Brown aloe vera usually comes from either too much heat or too much water. If you really want a vera brown aloe vera, you should overwater it, till the roots rot.

How to fix red aloe vera plant?

You fix a red aloe vera plant by watering it and removing it from sunlight. The redness is likely from anthocyanins. This antioxidant comes from over-exposure to sunlight and heat.

Is pink aloe vera healthy?

Pink aloe vera is healthier than regular aloe vera. The pink skin is healthier. The pink color contains more antioxidants.

Aloe vera, which is often a green-colored plant, can turn pink when exposed to extreme heat. The pink coloration of the plant comes from the higher temperatures. Increased sunlight that occurs during drought conditions also causes pinkness.

Pink aloe vera plants may be beautiful, but they are not any more nutritious or healthy than green aloe. The pink color alone does not serve as an indicator of the health or nutritional value of the aloe vera plant. Instead, the nutrients in all aloe vera plants relate to their maturity levels.

Most people use aloe vera as a topical treatment for skin conditions, such as cuts and sunburns. Anthocyanin may also have wound-healing effects when applied topically. Although there hasn’t been much research done in this area yet.

Red Aloe vera and pink aloe will have better antioxidative qualities. They will not help for burns or as a laxative. Instead, the pink aloe vera juice will work better orally and in your intestinal.

Pure aloe vera has a good chance of being pink when purchased. When harvesting yourself, expect it to be clear even if the plant is pink. You can trust your own personal aloe better for its healing effects. Many herbal medicinal aloe leaf remedies come in bad quality. Grow your own pups for safe quality assurance of vitamins and polysaccharide. You need good quality for wounds, digestion or miracle relieve. Use your own aloe vera products here. Gels like lily of the desert are often good with good absorption.

This guy says pink aloe is better tasting in his YouTube video.

guy answers if it is safe to drink pink aloe vera

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Anti-inflammatory & health benefits from pink aloe vera

  • Helps with digestive constipation and bowel movements
  • Amino acids and enzymes help ulcers and acne
  • Aloe vera lotion is anti bacterial and the free-radicals help!
  • Pink aloe is moisturizing and cleansing

Looks vs health in houseplant aloes

The quality of your plant’s appearance is tied to its health. Plants that are struggling with pests or disease will have leaves that are drooping. Discolored leaves or showing other signs of distress need to be fixed.  when you have a plant whose leaves are not looking their best, it’s important to address the issue now.

If your plant is struggling, check water and soil. could the problem be more serious, such as root rot or an infection, you may need to cut off the damaged parts. Treat what’s left of your plant with a fungicide or anti-bacterial solution.

You should also keep an eye on your aloe vera’s position relative to the sun. As a desert plant, aloe vera generally prefers direct sunlight. But too much can scorch its leaves and turn them pink. If you notice brown spots on the leaves, try moving your plant somewhere with less light.

Definitive answer on why aloe vera turns pink

Sunlight will cause your aloe vera to turn pink. A lack of water adds to this problem as well. The combination is the most frequent reason.

The plant juice will also change color. Oxygen content and iron content determine the color. It is mostly turned pink because of free radicals in oxygen. A lack of antioxidants in aloe cause this effect.

another pink aloe vera called aloe dorotheae

You might just have a different species of aloe vera. Aloe cameronii and Aloe dorotheae are different aloe species. These variants of aloe are pink most of the time. There is a good likelihood you just did not know your aloe vera was one of these. These variegated versions turn pink easily.